Although the parties are who generally the parties choose the arbitrators in charge of resolving the dispute, they may also agree on CAM being responsible for the appointment.

In case CAM will appoint the arbitrator(s) according to the Arbitration Rules, CAM shall designate a person who:

  • Be independent of the parties and is committed to remain so;
  • Disposes of the time necessary to fulfill his obligations punctually; and
  • Is experienced in the field of the controversy and in arbitration itself.

To fulfill this responsibility, CAM keeps a record of potential arbitrators, important Reference for the Secretariat and General Council in any process of appointment established in terms of our Rules. However, if necessary, we also approach outstanding professionals susceptible for being nominated in future arbitrations by CAM, due to their profile matching the case in question.

If you are interested in being on CAM’s record of potential arbitrators we kindly ask you to fill out the register form found below and send it accompanied by your CV to

Register form for lawyers

Register form for engineers and architects