Institutional Capacitation in Mexico and abroad

One of our priorities is to capacitate and stay up to date with the most recent development in alternative dispute resolution, especially in arbitration. For the progress of arbitration it is indispensable to count with lawyers dominating the subject and arbitrators being able to manage the serious task of resolving complex disputes.

Our vast experience in capacitation enables us to maintain a high standard regarding content as well as experts in capacitation. To get to know our latest capacitation progress CAM invites you to visit our section THE LATEST… in the homepage of this website, or contact us at

Furthermore CAM has designed and carried out various academic programs specialized on the needs of companies and other institutions. If you are interested in this service, please contact us at

For receiving information by email on service, events or capacitation offers by CAM, please contact us at or (+52)9177-8198

Presentations at law firms or companies:

As part of our effort of promoting an arbitral culture CAM offers free discourses/presentations at law firms and companies which cover the principal aspects of arbitration as well as the peculiarities of the administration proceedings.

In case you are interested in a presentation at your company or law firm, please contact us at or (+52)9177-8198